Investment: The Yvelines Department is increasingly funding health care

President of the Yvelines department Pierre Bedier. (©Michel Seymando/78actu)

The Yvelines Department is increasingly funding health care.

The president of the departmental council, Yvelines Pierre Bedier, never stops talking about this: “Our intervention in the health sector, a rather marginal sector, is driven by important needs, in particular in areas affected by medical desertification. Therefore, we decided to increase our participation in this medical sector. »

Investing in health: unanimous vote

So, at the end of October 2022, departmental advisers unanimously voted to launch the Telemedicine 2022 project.

This is a call for applications to identify non-departmental entities designated to host the Department’s network of medical teleconsultation devices.

“The Telemedicine project consists in initiating the deployment of 51 stationary medical teleconsultation devices (cabins, terminals, briefcases) and a mobile “health bus” from 2023, which will improve access to medical care in areas weakened by medical desertification. »

Laurent Richard, project speaker

Investing in Health: For Patients Without a Physician

Telemedicine is a form of remote medical practice based on the use of information and communication technologies.

The Yvelines department has voted for a grant of 994,000 euros for the purchase of the Da Vinci X surgical robot for the Trapp hospital.

The Yvelines department has voted for a grant of 994,000 euros for the purchase of the Da Vinci X surgical robot for the Trapp hospital. (©78news)

As part of the Telemedicine project, this service will be provided, in particular, to patients who do not have an attending physician or whose attending physician is unavailable.

Laurent Richard continues: “The implementation of medical teleconsultation systems will be carried out on the basis of departmental sites (medical centers of a departmental customer, PMI center, departmental areas of operation, etc.)

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“This device is 100% supported by the Department,” concludes the department’s advisor.

Investing in Health: Da Vinci X Surgical Robot

The Department’s elected officials also voted for an investment grant of €994,221 to the Private Hospital of the West of Paris (HPOP) in Trappes to purchase a Da Vinci X surgical robot and a low-temperature sterilizer.

In 2020 and 2021, the Yvelines have already funded two robots for the hospitals of Versailles and Poissy.

“This acquisition is part of the logic of innovation as well as maintaining the local offering of oncological surgery.”

Catherine Arenow of the Health Commission of the Department

The presence of this team should make it possible to retain doctors and be able to receive patients far beyond Trapp.

The Da Vinci X robot costs 1.12 million euros.

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