InXile Entertainment (Wasteland 3) teases that its big AAA Xbox RPG will be an FPS

The very talented studio inXile behind the recent Wasteland 3 has confirmed on several occasions that they are working on a new AAA RPG for next-generation consoles. If we do not know anything about this game, except that it will be developed under Unreal Engine 5, it seems that the developer is starting to want to fuel the hype around the title for which jobs were published at the beginning of the year. .

An exclusive AAA FPS RPG for Xbox

Xbox posted a GIF on Twitter that invites players to click on it to determine what kind of game they should be playing. The studio specialist in RPG was not shy to say that it came across “NEW + FPS + RPG”. The message is therefore very clear, it refers to this famous ambitious project mentioned for many months which will therefore be an FPS RPG and which should be issued from a new license.

Brian Fargo made it clear last year that the title was only in the pre-production phase, so don’t expect to see it here at some point, unless the veil is lifted at E3 in a month !

It is clear that this new generation will be very focused on role-playing games on the Xbox side. While waiting to discover more, the previous title of the developer, Wasteland 3, is to be discovered in the Xbox Game Pass Console and PC. Its solo expansion The Battle of Steeltown will also be available on June 5.

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