iOS 14.1 available on iPhones, but no signs of better for batteries

As expected, iOS 14.1 started rolling out to iPhones within the last 24 hours, paving the way for the release of the iPhone 12. But does this update fix the bugs that users are suffering from? iPhone?

The official release notes mention a lot of fixed bugs, some very weird (like the calculator one).

  • Addresses a bug where certain widgets, folders and icons appeared in reduced size on the home screen

  • Addresses the bug where dragging widgets on the home screen could remove apps from folders

  • Fixed an issue where some emails in Mail were sent from an incorrect alias

  • Fixes an issue that could prevent incoming calls from showing region information

  • Fixed an issue on some devices where selecting zoomed view mode and an alphanumeric code could cause the lock screen emergency call button to overlap with the text entry box

  • Addresses an issue where some users were sometimes unable to download or add songs to their library while viewing an album or playlist

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent zeros from appearing in the calculator

  • Fixes an issue where the resolution of streaming video might be temporarily reduced when starting playback

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from setting up a family member’s Apple Watch

  • Fixes an incorrect presentation issue in the Apple Watch app

  • Addresses an issue in the Files app that could cause some MDM-managed cloud service providers to incorrectly display content as unavailable

  • Improves compatibility with Ubiquiti wireless access points

A new feature has also been added which allows support for a feature of the iPhone 12:

  • Adds support for 10-bit HDR video playback and editing in Photos for iPhone 8 and later

But that leaves many bugs totally intact. Battery bugs for example. Connectivity issues. User interface slowdowns and more.

Battery life is, unfortunately, still an issue

My early testing – with the preview version and even pushing a few iPhones to do a few charge cycles in the past 24 hours – suggests that battery life is, unfortunately, still an issue on this version.

iOS 14 quickly turned out to be Apple’s worst version yet. It’s weirdly bugged, and I keep getting new weird bugs (for example, the other day I noticed the Camera app shows a black screen).

Now that the iPhone 12 and iOS 14.1 versions are out, it’s likely that Apple will start fixing other bugs. Want to install iOS 14.1? Go to Settings ; General; Software update and start the process from there. It’s a pretty big update – up to 500MB – so make sure you have time to download and install it.

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