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If you are used to online shopping, you have probably noticed that when you have viewed a product, advertisements for it follow you on every site you visit for the following week. Apple has decided to tackle this ad tracking with a new app transparency feature in iOS 14.5 that aims to preserve privacy by giving the option to turn off ad tracking. Unless you give an app explicit permission (including those created by Apple), that app cannot use your data for targeted advertising, share your location data with advertisers, or share your ID. advertising or any other identifier with third parties. This change, first unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2020, was hailed by privacy advocates but criticized by other players like Facebook who see it as a threat to its business model.

Here’s how to use this new feature to control which apps want to track you on the internet.

How to opt out of app tracking with iOS 14.5

When you download and launch a new app, you’ll see a notification asking if you want it to track your activity on apps and websites. You will also see information about the items that will be tracked by the app. You can choose Ask the app not to follow up or
To allow.

You can also systematically refuse to track the applications you download by going to Settings> Privacy> Tracking, and by disabling the option Allow apps to request tracking. As a result, any app that tries to gain permission will be blocked and automatically notified that you have requested not to be tracked. According to Apple, all apps (other than those you’ve given permission to follow in the past) will no longer be able to access your device information for advertising purposes. Important note: this does not mean that the ads will go away. On the other hand, you will be more likely to see generic ads and not targeted ads.

How to turn off tracking of already downloaded apps

For applications that you have already installed and for which tracking permissions have been configured, you can also take action.

In the Settings, tap an application and then deactivate the option
Allow localization. You can also access Settings> Privacy> Tracking, and then tap to enable or disable the apps that have requested permission to track your activity.

All app developers are required to request permission to track. If Apple learns that a developer is following users who have requested not to be followed, they will either have to update their app or face a rejection from the App Store.

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