iOS 16 beta 4 brings support for Apple Pay in thirdparty browsers

Apple recently released iOS 16 beta 4 for iPhone, we previously heard about some of the new features and now we have some details about the changes to Apple Pay.

Previously, Apple Pay on iOS in a web browser only worked with Safari, this has now changed with the release of the new iOS 16 beta 4.

This was first discovered by developer Steve Moser, who reported that Apple Pay now works in browsers other than Safari. This includes Edge, Chrome, and other browsers.

In the latest iOS 16 beta, Apple Pay works in Edge, Chrome, and I believe any third party browser. In iOS 15, Apple Pay only works in Safari.

— Steve Moser (@SteveMoser) July 30, 2022

A number of other iOS 16 beta testers have also confirmed that Apple Pay now works in thirdparty browsers, including browsers like Firefox and others.

The Verge suggests that Apple may be doing this because the European Union plans to crack down on tech companies that use anticompetitive practices. Limiting the use of Apple Pay to only the Safari browser may be perceived negatively by the EU.

We expect the new iOS 16 software update to be released in September along with the new iPhone 14 line of smartphones. As soon as we have details on when exactly the new iPhone 14 and iOS 16 will be released, we will let you know.

Source Steve Moser, MacRumors, The Verge

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