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When you can’t use your hands, even the smallest detail can make a difference. © Getty Images

It is not uncommon to experience mild annoyance when using a device when a feature is an inconsistency in its use. Very often the user notices, adapts and moves on.

In the case of a person who has reduced mobility, this irritation can develop into irritation, and this “small” detail proves to be problematic in everyday use of the device.

Apple has been working on improving the accessibility of its devices for a long time, and 9to5Mac reader who uses his hands very limited, Colin Hughes, revealed about three minor appearance changes, but which can prove to be extremely practical in everyday life.

“Hey Siri, end the call”

For several years, voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Siri have made it easy to make calls without using a screen. Only until now there was no voice command to end the call.

Hugh admitted to being frustrated at not being able to end the call on his own without being able to press the button to hang up. Therefore, Apple seems to have taken note of its campaign to integrate this feature, which may also prove useful to all those who once said: “I’ll let you hang up, I can’t do that.”

Set up automatic call answering

Apple has introduced a feature that many people with disabilities appreciate – automatic call answering. If Hugh testifies to the interest of a function, he also puts forward a contradiction.

Letting iPhone automatically answer a call is a great feature, especially when you can turn it on or off to suit your needs. The problem is that this could only be done from the settings menu after a few manipulations on the touch screen.

By adding a voice command to activate or deactivate the feature, Apple solved the paradox by making the accessibility feature available to the people who need it most.

Notifications without headphones

Currently, we are constantly connected with others, in particular through our notifications. Just by looking at the screen, we can access a lot of information without unlocking the phone.

Last year, Apple introduced the ability to listen to these notifications on AirPods or Beats headphones. In iOS 16, Apple will allow playback on Mfl hearing aids as well as the iPhone speaker.

This update will allow people who don’t wear headphones to still have access to notifications. If Hugues is especially happy with this update, it could also prove to be useful for many people. Are you cooking and your phone notifies you? Now you can ask Siri if you should interrupt cooking to answer.

To learn about all the new features introduced in iOS 16, head over to our dedicated article.


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