iPad and iPad Air 4 prices just hit their lowest price ever

With back-to-school season at its peak, iPad deals don’t stop there. And we’ve just noticed the return of some of our favorite deals of all time.

Right now, the 10.2-inch iPad (Wi-Fi/64GB) is only $299 on Amazon. (will open in a new tab). $30 off is the lowest price we’ve seen for Apple’s popular tablet and one of the best deals you can get.

However, this isn’t the first time we’ve covered this sale, so if you’re looking for something new, we’ve found another great deal. The 10.9-inch iPad Air (Wi-Fi/64GB) is currently only $399 at Best Buy. (will open in a new tab). While it’s not the newest iPad Air, it’s the second lowest price we’ve seen for a 2020 iPad Air, and it’s definitely a deal worth considering. (Earlier this summer, it briefly hit $379.)

Both the 10.2-inch iPad and 2020 iPad Air rank high on our list of the best tablets. The 10.2-inch iPad is our choice for those shopping on a budget, while the 2020 iPad Air was our number one choice ahead of the new 2022 iPad Air. arrived.

In our iPad 10.2 review, we liked the device for its bright screen, fast cameras, and 11-hour battery life. The new A13 Bionic processor in iPad is perfect for simple tasks like web browsing, TV and movie streaming, and a few games. If you’re on a budget, the 10.2-inch iPad is the tablet you should go for.

However, if you have a bit more to spare, try the iPad Air. In our iPad Air 4 (2020) review, we had next to nothing but praise for the device. It has better performance, a brighter, richer screen, and the ability to charge via USB-C port, which is very convenient. The aesthetics of the iPad Air 4 are also great, looking sleeker and more modern than the 10.2-inch iPad.

Compared to the newer iPad Air 5 (2022), the 2020 iPad Air does not have 5G connectivity. The 2022 iPad Air also has a faster processor and better cameras. While these are useful features, you save about $150 by choosing the older model.

If you’re buying an iPad Air, be sure to consider getting an Apple Pencil. It can turn your tablet into a great productivity device as well as an ideal tool for artists. The 2nd generation Apple Pencil is now $99 on Amazon. (will open in a new tab), its the lowest price ever. It attaches to the side of iPad Air and charges wirelessly so it’s always ready to go. Just note that the 2nd generation Apple Pencil does not work with the 10.2-inch iPad, but you can always get the 1st generation Apple Pencil for $98. (will open in a new tab) instead of.

These are great deals, but if you’re still looking for the perfect tablet, check out our list of the best Apple deals and the best tablets to help you decide.

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