iPad Pro OLED: presented, their prices risk scaring off buyers –

Apple should release a new iPad Pro with an OLED screen in 2024. Although these tablets are probably still in development, Apple has already thought about price of two future models. And the least we can say is that they won’t be made for the general public and even for some of the brand’s regulars.

Increase up to 80%

We already know that iPad Pro OLED will be expensive, but the prices The Elec has just unveiled, which it says come from industrial sources, are far beyond our imagination. Apparently, these new tablets will cost up to 80% more expensive than current models. 11-inch iPad Pro with OLED display to be shown at 1500 USD, and the current version is available from $799 (€1069 in France). The larger 12.9-inch model will cost 1800 USDwhich is 60% more expensive than the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which retails for $1,099 (€1,469 in France).

Of course, these prices are subject to change, especially since the likely launch of these new iPad Pros is still more than a year away. In addition, opinions differ in the industry regarding this pricing. There will be those who think that these prices make it harder to sell tablet, as there are many replacement options. Others, on the contrary, are convinced that the increase reasonable about the upgrade.

Apple Insider

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