iPadOS 16: iOS-independent calendar of the future –

News that at first glance may seem harmless, but potentially significant for the Apple tablet. Indeed, for the first time since the launch of iPadOS, the release schedule will differ from that intended for iOS branded phones.

Introduced at WWDC 2022, iPadOS 16 will include new productivity tools such as the State Manager, a feature that checks the organization of windows on the screen and which we have already discussed here.

Independent Tool

The company said that iPadOS will be released immediately in version 16.1, after the iPhone receives the final version of iOS 16.0. It is likely that the two OSes (in version 16.1) have relatively close release dates, but Apple has not provided any information on this.

By “separating” the calendar of the two systems, Apple opens up the possibility to take its tablet in a different direction, to make it a tool in its own right, a bridge between iPhone and Mac, both in terms of format and in terms of software.

According to information sent by TechCrunch, this is a pivotal year for the Apple tablet, and iPadOS should be a standalone platform with device-specific features. It is therefore logical that the Cupertino company offers itself a little more freedom regarding the release schedule for updates.


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