iPhone 14 issues – all bugs and issues so far and when to expect a fix

Apple’s iPhone 14 series just hit markets around the world last week and is just getting into the hands of users. But it looks like new phones are going through their share of teething issues — in the form of bugs.

Many users have taken to social media to report various issues affecting their new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models in particular. Although all of them are minor, they are either related to a software glitch or to the camera in third-party apps. Here we list all the recent bugs that seem to plague the iPhone 14 Pro, if Apple acknowledged the issue and when we can expect them to be fixed.

iPhone 14 Pro freezes while transferring data


The first step after getting a new iPhone is to set it up. But many iPhone 14 Pro users can’t get past the initial data transfer page.

The iPhone 14 Pro is reported to freeze or become unresponsive during data transfer for some users. People are reporting a bug that prevents the phone from going through iCloud restore or transfer data option when transferring data from another iPhone.


There doesn’t seem to be a fix for this bug yet. But Apple acknowledged the problem in an internal memo to MacRumors as well. (will open in a new tab), the company mentioned that it “is aware of this issue and is investigating it.” Meanwhile, Apple says users should force restart their iPhone if it doesn’t respond for more than 5 minutes.

iPhone 14 Pro camera ‘jitters and shakes’ in some apps


The iPhone 14 Pro has been upgraded to a 48MP camera this year, but it looks like the high-resolution camera isn’t up to the task yet with some social media apps. Some users have taken to social media to report that the iPhone camera is “rattling” and “shaking” on apps like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

The issue appears to be with the camera’s optical image stabilization feature, which should otherwise minimize shake. Users have also reported physical sounds from the camera.

To learn more

When we tried this on our iPhone 14 Pro review unit, it didn’t, indicating that only certain users are affected by this issue.


Apple hasn’t commented on the issue yet, and it’s not clear if this is a hardware issue or if the individual social media apps just need to release an update to fix it.

Problems with iMessage and FaceTime on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro


Some users are unable to receive iMessages and FaceTime calls after setting up their new iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro. Apple pointed out this rather serious issue in a support document that warns users to update to the latest version of iOS – 16.0.1.

In the accompanying document (will open in a new tab)Apple mentions that users may experience one or more of the following issues:

  • You cannot receive iMessages or FaceTime calls.
  • You see a green message instead of blue when you send a message to another Apple device.
  • Conversations in Messages appear as two separate threads instead of one.
  • Recipients see that your messages are coming from the wrong account, such as your email address if you have selected a phone number.


Apple acknowledged the mistake and advised users to update to the latest version of iOS immediately. But it’s not clear if this is a complete solution to the problem – the iOS 16.0.1 update doesn’t mention these “fixes” in their release notes, and Apple mentioned fallback steps in case users “still have problems with iMessage”. or FaceTime.

Apple has suggested the following steps for those who are still facing the issue:

  • In the Settings app, tap Cellular. Make sure your phone line is turned on. If you use multiple SIM cards, make sure the phone number you want to use is selected and enabled.
  • In the Settings app, tap Messages. Then click Send and Receive.
  • Tap the phone number you want to use in Messages.
  • Return to the Settings app and tap FaceTime.
  • Tap the phone number you want to use with FaceTime.

We will continue to update this page with other bugs or fixes coming to new iPhones, so stay tuned.

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