iPhone 15: Dynamic Island will be available on all models –

While the iPhone 14 has just been released, some are already interested in the next generation. I must say that many are disappointed by the lack of innovation in the new line of smartphones from Apple. Only the “Pro” versions received important new features, including a pill-shaped notch at the top of the screen called Dynamic Island.

However, according to Ross Young, this new tablet will be rolled out to all iPhone 15s scheduled for next year.

Dynamic Island will no longer be a privilege of the Pro line.

Of course, this information is still at the stage of rumors. However, Ross Young is a big deal in the screen industry, and it’s not the first time he’s given us credible information about Apple products.

However, despite the possible arrival of Dynamic Island on all iPhone 15s, we shouldn’t expect LTPO screens with a refresh rate of 120Hz on non-‘Pro’ models. Also, according to the analyst, the Always-On mode should be exclusive to the “Pro” variants.

Ross Young

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