IPhone and MacBook repairability index: Apple is doing worse than Samsung

To fight against obsolescence, the government has introduced a repairability index. It is a score out of 10 that informs the consumer ‘son the more or less repairable nature of the products“. Apple is in the process of complying with the legislation and is now posting a note on its official website for iPhones and some MacBooks.

The iPhone 12 less “repairable” than the Galaxy S21?

The iPhone XR is the worst performer with only 4.5 / 10. Its score is weighed down by the price of spare parts with a 0/20 which hurts the general average. For comparison, the iPhone 7 scores 6.7 / 10 and the iPhone 12 scores 6/10. On the computer side, the result varies between 5.6 / 10 and 7/10 for the 13-inch MacBook Air with the reference A1466.

Note that it is not an independent body that carries out the control and assigns the score, it is up to the manufacturer himself to calculate the index for each of its products. However, a complete list of criteria must be followed, it takes into account disassembly, the availability of components or the necessary tools. The system is therefore supervised and the manufacturers cannot do just anything. However, they can adapt as Samsung did for its Galaxy S21.

The new top of the range from the Korean manufacturer obtained an excellent score of 8.2 / 10 against only 5.9 / 10 for its predecessor the Galaxy S20. A sharp increase which can be explained by the creation of a complete manual for carrying out repairs on the phone.

The document in question is accessible to the general public, it includes precise photos of each stage. For example, how to place the suction cup and the opening pick to open the device. This document has the merit of existing and being clear, we even find the references of spare parts, but we can wonder about its relevance (if not to increase the repairability rating). How to imagine that an average user can open his precious Galaxy S21 and replace the battery. The process is as complex as ever. iFixit, the repair specialist gave it a rating of 4/10.

Find the ratings obtained by Apple devices by following this link: repairability indices provided for by French law.

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