iPhone: Duplicates will no longer appear in the gallery – Belgium iPhone

With iOS 16, managing duplicate photos just got a whole lot easier.

It is clear that Apple does not support duplicates in their applications. In iOS 16, Apple improved its Photos app with an improved sharing system as well as more advanced duplicate photo management. Indeed, when your iPhone detects two identical photos taken in the same place at the same time, they will be included in the “Duplicates” album.

Once in the album, the iPhone duplicates the photos and lets you merge them both. iOS will automatically save the one of the two that has the best quality. For his part, the user obviously can choose which of the two he prefers to keep by marking it as favorite.

This little feature may seem useless, but it will prove to be very valuable for photography and selfie lovers. Previously, parsing required a third-party app… Now this should allow you to recover a few precious MBs on your smartphone.

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