iPhone lost? With iOS 15, “Find My” will work even on a turned off or erased iPhone

IPhone owners will soon be able to find their iPhone using the Find My app, even if it is turned off or has been erased.

The new features in the app should come in handy in many scenarios, including when an iPhone is running low on battery or a thief has turned off the phone. Currently, by enabling the “Network locate” setting – an additional feature over Find my iPhone – users can locate an iPhone when it is offline, as well as AirTags, but not when the iPhone is turned off.

9to5Mac released an image of the notification that tells users that the iPhone remains findable after being turned off or in power saving mode. “Locate helps you locate this iPhone when it is lost or stolen, even if it is in power saving mode or turned off,” the dialog said. The functionality can be changed in “Locate network”, in the settings of the Locate application.

Mystery about how it works

Apple detailed some of these features in the iOS 15 preview notes and in a press release, but didn’t explain how it works.

There is also additional protection for situations where a thief has stolen an iPhone and sold it to someone else. This protection is based on the Find Find Activation Lock, which is activated when the user activates Find Find. “To make sure no one gets tricked into purchasing your device, the Hello screen will make it clear that your device is locked, findable, and still yours,” says Apple.

Apple is also introducing Separation Alerts, which will alert the owner’s iPhone when an AirTag or a compatible product is left behind. Locate provides directions for finding the object. Network Locate will also give users a rough location of missing AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. It aims to bring the user within range of Bluetooth so that he can emit a sound to find the earphones or headphones.

Apple announced dozens of new features for iOS 15 at WWDC, including features inspired by Zoom for FaceTime, a new SharePlay feature on FaceTime for sharing music and TV content with others during a call, and Live Text to capture and copy text from a photo.

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