iPhone: this tip to get rid of ads in Safari!

Our colleagues at Be Geek have just given us some advice on how to stop Safari ads from appearing on your iPhone.

Reading text in Safari and being bombarded with ads can be frustrating. I know well that it could be finished on your iPhone. Indeed, there is a trick to prevent your browser from being flooded with ads, and we will show you how to do it.

Elon Musk’s phone coming soon?

There is no doubt that, having discovered this trick, mobile phone manufacturers will do everything to include it in their future creations. In order not to disappoint customers and give them the opportunity to enjoy it too. Perhaps even Elon Musk would be tempted.

Because yes, if you didn’t know, the one who just bought Twitter would be a fun idea. It’s because you take out your own phone. To compete with iPhone and Samsung. It remains to be seen if the quality will be there.

But it wouldn’t be for any reason that he would want to do it. Simply because Google and Apple would like to remove Twitter from the App Store. To answer them, the billionaire found a solution.

Annoyed by his rivals’ decisions, he took advantage of his account and his social media to post a message that says it all. Indeed, Elon Musk has warned that he is ready to release a new phone to harm them.

He nevertheless warned that he did not want to come to this. And that he will do everything to avoid this, but yes, if there is no other way, I will make an alternative phone. The creators of the iPhone have now been warned.

Hoping that Elon Musk, if his phone sees the light, does not collect user data… Considering this has been happening at Apple for a while now. At least, according to the studies of two researchers.

iPhone: this tip to get rid of ads in Safari!

Stop ads on your iPhone in Safari

Let’s just say that the appearance of a new phone on the market would be nice. Far from there. Indeed, this avoid some deficits. Especially during the Christmas period, when the iPhone is in high demand.

Namely, speaking of scarcity, the iPhone could have tested a new one before the arrival of a bearded man dressed in red. In particular, due to the dismissal of 20,000 workers. Even if we are still far from it, it is better to prepare for it.

But for those who already hold the precious sesame. The question is, how can we block ads coming to Safari? Because yes, this is what we promised you. For this, our colleagues from Be Geek gave correct information.

The media explains that you will need to click the aA icon in Safari on your iPhone. About a second to start reading mode. A mode that eliminates “distractions” and leaves you alone on your page.

You can do this for all pages you open in Safari. By clicking on the appropriate icon, then go to settings. In order to find out the site settings. Once at this level, you just need to activate Reading Mode to read without distraction.

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