Iron Man, Star Trek, Transformers: Judgeball, the Liège esports game, surrounds itself with talent for its revolution!

Still known as Codename: Judgment recently, and, in particular, during the tournament, the final of which ended on Game 23 in Mons is now becoming referee ball.

A few months ago, the developers hosted a tournament for their nascent community, here are some images:

Bryce Mattivigame producer referee ballexplains this change to us:

“Justice was a working title from the beginning, we never thought we could keep it that long. The very fact of the name change is symbolic, it means that we are entering a new phase of development, where most of the “fillers” disappear.

“It also helps to better reflect the content of the game and increase its visibility on the Steam platform and other social networks. So the presence of the “ball” in the name was obvious, and we wanted to recall the historical name with which our first players discovered the game.

Brice Mattivi, co-creator of Wild Bishop ©Brice Mattivi

In terms of the game’s graphics, the goal of the developers was to create a dark and realistic universe while retaining the retro side of the old game that inspired referee ball : Speedball 2 released on Atari and Amiga in the late 80s.

During the launch of the alpha and various events such as walibi gamethere Made in Asia or even Game 23players competed in an arena very different from today.

Bobby Tamcreative director Wild Bishop, noticed that the visual design does not have the proper impact on the players.

He says: “We have discussed with our artistic director the revision and work on revising our graphic charter. With overflowing imagination Jaba, our DA and the creativity of our art team, we were able to create a new arena that has a lot more personality, with a new, richer universe and a unique atmosphere/atmosphere, even mystical! »

Bobby Tam, co-creator of Wild Bishop

Bobby Tam, co-creator of Wild Bishop ©Bobby Tam

This change was a major challenge for the art team, who had to rethink their workflow and the methods they had already adopted in pre-production.

For the Judgeball review they called Didier Jaba MathieuBelgian artist of Colombian origin who contributed to the concept of films such as transformers, Star Trek, iron Man Or Indiana Jones.

Thanks to his help, they were able to offer a unique and original style.

“Such sudden changes in the workflow during production, especially in a very short time, are very difficult to manage, whether at the level of visual production management (new concept, new modeling, texture, lighting, special effects), but also mentally, because that everything starts almost from scratch,” he admits.

“For the rest we go to our beta version, work is being completed on a new character and a sixth one, which we will begin testing internally. ” announcement Bryce Mattivi.

The new, more personal and attractive design undoubtedly reflects the style and gameplay of the game. Overall, the hard work and dedication of the team resulted in a game that players will surely enjoy.

To download this new version referee ballit’s here on Steam!

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