Is Bitcoin Too Volatile? – Let’s Talk About Bitcoin # 7 – Journal du Coin

Impressive volatility

Bitcoin price volatility is impressive. Price changes are dramatic and hit the headlines.

However, one can live in harmony with volatility and remain calm ☯. How? “Or” What? After listening to this episode!

The goal is for you to develop healthy relationship with bitcoins and you keep your sanity. So, I share with you my reading grid impermanence as well as price… This will give you the tools to rethink your pricing approach and enter Bitcoin Zen ☯.

Bitcoin Zen will make you see the Power

You will learn why volatility is not a one-way street, why price is not important, why and how.

Have a nice listening! 🎧

Thanks to Sound Bible and Zapsplat for sound effects.


  • 00:29 – Introduction
  • 01:13 – Why not mention the resale of bitcoins in regular currency?
  • 02:20 – Introduction to Fiat
  • 03:17 – My volatility reading grid
  • 07:16 – It doesn’t make sense to track the price, it doesn’t matter
  • 10:11 – Speculate against conservation
  • 10:27 – Manage your risks wisely to reduce stress
  • 12:20 – Is Bitcoin price too volatile?
  • 1:32 pm – Arm yourself against volatility
  • 13:44 – Price – noise
  • 15:07 – Completion
  • 16:25 – Behind the scenes

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