Is Capcom rebranding Mega Man 12 just in case? – Quiz & News – Xbox Mag

When will Mega Man return? With no Xbox version of the Mega Man Battle Network collection scheduled for next year, players are now hoping for a brand new installment in the franchise. The domain names update is a bit of a resurrection in hopes that Capcom’s mascot will soon return to our consoles.

This is a fairly common practice and usually doesn’t matter much as long as it demonstrates the publisher’s willingness to protect the franchise’s name. At a time when ports, remasters, remakes and reboots are becoming a real trend, it becomes almost natural to take care of your brands by regularly renewing their exclusive right to use.

A follower of diverse and diverse collections, this is obviously an absolute must for Capcom, which registered the domain name four years ago and did the same for potential sequels up to Mega Man 15. Today we find out, thanks to Rockman Corner, that Capcom updated those four repositories nearly a year before they expired.

An amazing approach that may never find concrete meaning for players, but that still leaves hope to rediscover the universe of this hero, whose latest original adventure dates back to Mega Man 11. To date, the episode has also found its audience, becoming the best . selling an episode of the franchise when it was released in 2018.

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