Is cryptocurrency useful as a payment method?

Thus, these 100% digital assets are not regulated by any financial authority or central bank. Unlike traditional currencies and banknotes, this virtual money does not physically exist and is stored and exchanged through digital wallets or stored on some kind of USB keys.

In the early days, cryptocurrencies were mostly used in more or less illegal buying transactions. It has now become a means of investment, online payments, and an effective tool for people living in countries where the value of the local currency is depreciating. They can then keep their savings by converting them into cryptocurrencies and thus hope to maintain a high value in the long run. But it is risky, as evidenced by the recent news that caused the price of most cryptocurrencies to collapse.

Although this phenomenon is becoming increasingly popular for making online transactions, many sites continue to use more traditional payment methods, in particular the Belgian betting site. Short review…

Your cryptocurrencies are everywhere with you

Stored in a digital wallet, so you can manage your cryptocurrencies through a computer or any mobile device. Don’t worry about a physical bag or wallet and carry your virtual money with you everywhere in a secure way. You can also store cryptocurrencies on a credit card.

Payments around the world

Like the most popular payment methods, cryptocurrencies are used in more than 150 countries. There are virtually no transaction fees and transactions happen instantly.

Cryptocurrency, your 100% property

Unlike fiat money that you deposit into a bank, cryptocurrencies are your sole responsibility; they belong entirely to you and no one but you can manipulate or use them. Through a decentralized system, no banking institution has access to your digital assets.

High level of privacy

When making transactions through banks, you must provide personal information. Using your virtual currency, your transactions are completely anonymous, so you are not required to disclose sensitive data. In addition, your purchases remain private.


Your transactions are listed in chronological order, synchronized and instantly updated by the network decentralization system. Therefore, no third party can manipulate or reverse the payment, and you can keep track of your transactions anonymously at all times.

Less risk for traders

Today, more and more merchants are using the cryptocurrency payment method for a very simple reason: risk reduction. Indeed, it is possible to cancel all purchase transactions through a traditional banking institution.

However, when paying in digital currency, verification and final transaction takes only a few seconds. As mentioned above, thanks to the decentralization system, no transaction can be reversed. This provides the best protection for traders.

Payments of the future

Although payments in virtual currency in physical companies have not yet become widespread, nevertheless, online transactions have become very common. Easy, fast and, above all, very secure for both buyer and seller, cryptocurrency transactions are a truly effective means of payment. On the other hand, it remains to be seen whether the business will become more sensitive to this payment method in the future, which is still too marginal. Only the future of technology will tell!

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