Is Destiny 2 still a free-to-play game?

Game news Is Destiny 2 still a free-to-play game?


In 2019, Bungie parted ways with Activision and offered the free-to-play transition of its flagship online cooperative FPS, Destiny 2. But almost two years later, can we really say that it is a game accessible free of charge for anyone who wants to enjoy the universe and its features? In more ways than one, the answer is far from obvious.

First available against hard currency, and offering an economic model based on DLC and extensions (once a year), Destiny 2 has since evolved into something more accessible. In addition to availability in the Xbox Game Pass (where we find the extensions, but not the seasons), the Bungie title is therefore accessible for free from any platform, with cross-save.

Free that comes at a price

But since the launch of the free-to-play offer, the gaming experience has changed considerably. For that, we have to go back a bit. In 2019, without spending anything, players therefore had access to the original campaign and its two DLCs (Year 1). It still represented about thirty hours of play. In addition, we could access the whole PvP mode, as well as a good part of the Assaults, three-player instances. In addition, leveling up (or Power level in the language of the game) was not capped, which means that even if you didn’t purchase Seasons or Expansions afterwards, nothing was really stopping you. to reach the highest level of Power, nevertheless by means of farming as in all games of the genre.

Bungie had also had the good idea to offer a lot of content from Year 2 (and the Renegades extension) in free-to-play. Clear, the latitude was great for players just wishing to interfere in Destiny 2 without really fully integrating and keeping pace with updates.

Is Destiny 2 still a free-to-play game?

But that was before. Indeed, since November 2020 and the release of the Beyond the Light extension, Bungie has reviewed the available content. Regardless of the player (whether free-to-play or not), much of the original Destiny 2 content is gone, as part of the main storyline. All this little world has joined the content chest, a safe that also has the entirety of the first Destiny, reinjected by rotation in Destiny 2. If the studio has promised to bring back this content over the months (of the original episode as its sequel), we have therefore seen the disappearance of everything that made the qualities of the free-to-play offer.

A real free-to-play turned demo

Is Destiny 2 still a free-to-play game?

From the very generous initial experience launched in 2019, there isn’t much left, if not a discovery offer which now acts more as a demo. You can certainly always try to reach the maximum level of Power, but the playing time necessary to reach it exceeds the limit of the reasonable. Because to occupy those who do not wish to pay, Bungie now offers particularly weak content. Fewer planets, eliminating in the process the three campaigns accessible until now for free, as well as the Assaults and the PvP cards linked to them … We certainly have access to all the remaining areas without restriction, but most require the purchase of one or more extensions., or even the Season Pass, to take full advantage of it.

Is Destiny 2 still a free-to-play game?

Some seasons offer one or two free scripted missions for free to make players want to check out, part of the Season Pass is also free, with 100 stages to complete, and seasonal activities, such as Christmas events, Halloween and summer are accessible to all. But for the rest, the experience is very meager, and does not fundamentally make you want to get started. Over the months, and since the disappearance of the old planets of Destiny 2, Bungie seems more a victim than an actor of its development choices, under cover of a scenario justification at best passable. At the time of writing, the new introduction does nothing to compensate for everything that has been deleted so far. for free players (let alone those who have paid for Destiny 2 and its DLC since 2017).

First buy-to-play, then generous free-to-play, Destiny 2 now offers only a feeble free experience, which acts more as a demo than anything else. A big demo, of course, where it quickly becomes mandatory to checkout, and not just for the scenario – as excellent as it is. We will have to see in the coming months how Bungie intends to modify this, in particular because three expansions are planned by 2023. The idea raised by the community would be for example to make the oldest expansions free (such as Forsaken or Bastion of Shadows) at as the game progressed. The ball is in Bungie’s court, who declined to speak when we reached out to them while writing this article.

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