Is Elon Musk really buying Fortnite? – Tech Tribune France

As the richest man on the planet, Elon Musk could buy a lot of things. Combine that with the current acquisition trend of video game studios and publishers, and it’s easy to imagine a world where Musk is buying Fortnite. So Epic Games is selling Fortnite to Elon Musk? Here is the essential information about this potential deal.

Elon Musk will buy Fortnite?

Elon Musk is unlikely to buy Fortnite.

While Musk has embraced the memes around him by buying the game, it would be amazing to see Tesla’s CEO and SpaceX’s chief engineer invest in the popular battle royale game.

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Beyond the memes, there has been no mention of Musk seriously considering buying Fortnite, nor any mention of Epic Games looking to sell.

Why do people say Elon Musk is buying Fortnite?

After learning that he wanted to buy Twitter, the “Elon Musk is buying” meme quickly gained popularity.

Saying Elon Musk is buying Fortnite must be a funny joke.

In more believable Fortnite news, a new Rainbow Royale event confirms a leak that Lady Gaga’s concert is coming up soon. Speaking of crossovers, the Fortnite Teen Titans collaboration is expected to include Starfire. As for Deadpool, which remains a fan favorite skin, here’s the latest on the return of the Marvel antihero.

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