Is it true that 200,000 doses of vaccine are “repackaged” every night, as TF1 says?

Question asked by Antoine 04/27/2021

You are asking us for a snippet from the TF1 news release that caused a strong reaction on Tuesday night. Launching a report on the abundance of vacancies, host Gilles Boulot said 200,000 doses would be “repackaged” every evening. “These appear to be very rare, valuable commodities, in insufficient quantities, yet every day more than 200,000 doses of the exceptional Covid vaccine are repackaged due to the lack of injections. In some centers, people of all ages are even allowed to come in and get vaccinated to liquidate supplies, ” – he declares at the very beginning of 20:00. The statement posted on the LCI website generated a lot of response from viewers.

Problem: A subsequent report on the many available vaccination intervals did not say anything like that. Calling out “Almost 230 000 the ability to record “, the TF1 report did not mention the number of “repackaged” doses, or “Not entered”… Inside we explain what is “Visibly confused” and that the host wanted to talk about the number of slots available. “In my opinion, this is really an image : 200 000 the doses are repackaged, and it is not said: “At the moment, 200,000 available stocks have been identified that have not found a recipient”, analyze another person. The problem, the picture is very deceiving.

Indeed, we cannot confuse the number of slots available on a given day and the number of doses that will not be used each day. In fact, the data has nothing to do with it, explained on Tuesday Guillaume Rosier, founder of CovidTracker and the ViteMaDose app, which accurately counts the slots available in France in real time (and which are also cited in the report. From TF1). First, the “niche” can correspond with several doses and, therefore, with the introduction of several doses (up to 25 in large centers, for example, explains Guillaume Rosier). On the contrary, “Pharmacies or doctors often open up many niches to find patients, even if they only have a few doses. After taking a few doses, they close all the windows. “

Moreover, and above all, the slots calculated by ViteMaDose correspond to those that are currently available for a long period (several weeks), and not during the day. The fact that there are 250,000 slots available as of Thursday April 29th does not mean there will be 250,000 slots as of April 29th. So, on Wednesday at 22:00 on ViteMaDose it was indicated that 6399 slots were open in Bouches-du-Rhône until May 20. But “only” 850 corresponded to Thursday, April 29th.

Unless, of course, there are records that do not find those taking them (which also sometimes allows some to be vaccinated at the last moment), it seems unlikely that 200,000 doses of vaccines will not find those taking them every day when it is known that they are injected from 400,000 to 500,000 doses. daily (including the very majority of Pfizer doses used on time). For example, on Tuesday, April 27, 469,788 doses were vaccinated, including 282,174 as part of the first injections.

When asked this Wednesday about the number of doses that can be administered each day, and not due to the absence of a candidate, the Ministry of Health did not provide figures. On the other hand, every week we have the level of use of different vaccines, namely the number of doses given since the start of the vaccination campaign in relation to the total number of doses received: data that suggests they are not there. until today there is no accumulation in the warehouse. Pfizer vaccine use rates as of last Sunday were 91% (out of over 15 million doses received), 82% for Moderna (out of about 2 million doses received) and 73% for AstraZeneca (out of about 5 million doses). As of April 18, a week earlier, those rates were 91% for Pfizer, 70% for Moderna and 67% for AstraZeneca.

The influx of doses … and slots

However, what is undeniable is that the number of available time slots for vaccination has increased significantly in recent times. The General Directorate of Health (DGS) explained in a press briefing Tuesday that the increase was the result of an increase in available doses. This is also what a spokesperson for Maiia, one of the platforms offering online meetings, pointed out in the TF1 report: “Just a few days ago, we received about 4 millions of doses of Pfizer and Moderna, and therefore this influx of doses will drive more bookings to access vaccinations across multiple platforms. ” However, the DGS announced on Tuesday that it does not rule out speeding up the schedule (and therefore opening new vaccine targets).

This Wednesday evening, around 8:30 pm, about 300,000 vaccinated sites were available, according to the Vitema website.

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