Is love of video games a hindrance to meeting your soul mate? –

The video game industry may be 50 years old, admitting that we like to sit in front of a screen, console or keyboard in our hands, or even take out our phone, seems embarrassing when it comes time to try and seduce a new person. At least that’s what a recent study commissioned by SolitaireBliss suggests.

According to their survey of 1,006 gamers and 863 gamers, only about half (53%) of video game enthusiasts mention this interest upon first meeting.

This reluctance can be attributed to problems related to gambling: among people who dated gamblers, two-thirds mentioned that their partner broke a promise due to spending a lot of time gambling. And about a quarter indicated that their partner preferred to have a party rather than indulge in carnal pleasures.

For their part, 7 out of 10 players indicated they were willing to cut down on screen time just to maximize their chances of finding a partner.

Also, according to the survey, 29% of respondents even say that they are embarrassed to admit that they play games, and 49% of fans of this type of entertainment believe that their parents condemn them. This proportion drops to 28% when it is more about a relative.

And this interest in video games would complicate the fact of maintaining a relationship in a couple: almost one in three players mentioned that being in a relationship with a person who does not play is more difficult.

Among women, surprisingly, this state of affairs is even more pronounced, since 40% of them note the pitfalls that arise when communicating with people who do not indulge in this hobby.

By the way, what caused these difficulties? For 43% of respondents, this is due to the fact that a partner who does not gamble poorly understands the interest of the case; The difference in priorities is also indicated by 30% of respondents, and 27% note that the time spent playing the game causes frustration in others.

Several gamers surveyed also acknowledged that their indulgence can sometimes have specific negative consequences: almost half (45%) of them indicated that screen time prevented them from doing household chores, so almost a third (30%) admit that they found it difficult to pay attention to others.

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