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Antoine Brar

– Posted on January 25, 2023 at 08:45

In a recent tweet, Insider Gaming owner Tom Henderson announced that Sony is focusing on the “second generation” PS5. Important information for console fans who are well aware that the production of the latter should stop at the end of 2023.

In a recent tweet, Tom Henderson, owner of Insider Gaming, announced that Sony is focusing on the “second generation” PlayStation 5. year.

Next generation PS5 for April 2023?

In his mini-thread tweet, Tom Henderson provides more information. Indeed, he indicates that the next PS5 should not be PS5 Slim or PS5 Pro. We should have a “second generation” PS5. Sony is due to stop production of the console at the end of 2023 to begin production of the new PlayStation 5 model in April to bring them to market in September 2023. He elaborates that Sony won’t stop production of the “1st generation” PS5 if they have other console models in production. Models that will use different parts and specifications than the PlayStation 5.

The advantages of producing a single console model are numerous. Sony can reduce production and shipping costs. Tom Henderson’s Pro version information for this generation remains a little unclear. He explains that for him, the regular version didn’t reach its full potential and that it won’t be released en masse until the end of the year. He would also have heard more about the PS6 than the PS5 Pro.

As for the styling of this new PlayStation 5, Tom Henderson thinks it will stay the same as the old one. There should be no change in this.

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