Is the Medium coming to PS5? Bloober Team talks about it

By Rodolfo León 0 COMMENTS 25/01/2021 14:27

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Bloober team, developers of Layers of Fear and Blair Witch, they will launch The way this week, and for now at least, there is no version of Playstation 5 confirmed. This terrifying title was only announced for Xbox Series X / S and PC, but will we also see it eventually in the new console Sony? Its creators talk about it.

In maintenance for VG247, Jacek Zieba, producer of the game, was asked about the possibility of seeing The way in PS5. Here is his response:

“At the moment, we are only focusing on Xbox and PC.”

As you can see, the response from Zieba does not specifically mention that The way yes I will get to PS5But that doesn’t completely negate it either. Interesting way, Bloober team offered the same answer when asked if Blair witch would also debut for Playstation 4, and four months later, it happened. Please keep in mind that this studio is not part of Xbox Game Studios i.e. it is a third party developer, so we should not completely rule out the possibility of seeing The way in PS5.


Source: VG247

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