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Chia network (XCH) and its space and time proof (proof of space and time) they have been talking a lot lately. Indeed, Chia Network has just completed its first $ 60 million fundraiser. Moreover, this innovative consensus mechanism will be one of the possible solutions for securing the blockchain network while limiting energy consumption. However, this innovation is based on the use of hard drives and generates a lot of e-waste in the absence of carbon emissions.

Chia causes hard drive shortages in Europe

Thus, Chia’s consensus engine relies on storage space rather than processing power. Under this consensus mechanism Farmers Chia delineation “Plots “Of 100 GBon their hard drives. Each package has a corresponding hash. When a new block is added to the blockchain, its hash is compared to the hashes in the farmer’s records. The farmer with the closest hash code wins the block. The more hard drives and 100GB parcels you have, the more chances you have of winning a block.

During its recent launch, Chia Network triggered pursuit of hard drives in Southeast Asia … Now it’s the turn to storm the European market. According to report Context, sales of professional-grade hard drives with a capacity of over 10 TB thus increased by 240%compared to the same period last year. It’s the same with regular hard drives designed for people whose sales have grown by 167%

“Undoubtedly it has to do with Chia (…) Everyone was taken by surprise after the launch of Chia. Even Western Digital and Seagate did not expect such high demand. “

Gurvan Meyer, context analyst

Chia’s network grows as fast as it destroys hard drives

During the publication of our last article on Chia 26 of Maynetwork storage capacity was 12 million TB … Now she almost reaches 22 million and thus nearly doubled in two weeks.

However, be careful before dedicating all of your hard drives to farming Chia, as this will wear out your hardware very quickly.

IN Solid state drive (SSD) not absolutely not suitable for mining XCHand will quickly fail. Regarding Hard disk drive (HHD), Chia mining will require a lot of disk writes. However, the lifespan of a hard disk is determined by the amount of data written (TBW or Terabytes Written). After a disc has written a certain amount of data, it becomes too worn out to function.

Evolution of the storage capacity required for the Chia network
Storage capacity used by Chia network in Pebibit

This is not the first time a blockchain project has created a component shortage. Ethereum miners regularly fight gamers for modern graphics cards. These ingredients are so popular that it takes months to get the most effective ones.

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