Is your Xbox Series X and Series S storage starting to fill up? This 1TB external SSD is now available for sale.

[Deal du jour] To boost the storage and performance of your Xbox Series X and Series S, Amazon is offering a 1TB Seagate expansion card for less than $200. Much more affordable price for a quality storage solution.

What is the promotion for this 1TB External SSD?

Amazon is offering a discount on a 1TB Seagate External SSD. Designed for the Xbox Series X/S, it usually costs around €230, the Seagate 1TB is on offer here for €199.

What is this expansion card from Seagate?

New generation consoles are equipped with SSD drives. The home console architecture uses an SSD to store information and make it easier for applications to access that data. With this type of disc, the console reduces loading time and improves the gaming experience. They are more expensive than regular discs, so their storage capacity is limited. While Sony opts for internal SSDs to expand its console’s storage, Microsoft offers an external expansion card for its machines.

The Seagate Expansion Card is an SSD storage solution for the Xbox Series X and Series S. Once plugged in, it tends to be as responsive as the console’s internal SSD, albeit with slightly longer load times of several seconds. With games weighing more and more, 1TB isn’t that much.

Is this Seagate SSD a bargain?

The ability to store 20 to 30 additional games just by inserting a small card into the console for less than 200 euros, yes, it’s worth it.

The Seagate SSD is a great solution for expanding your Xbox Series X/S storage, especially with this offer making it more affordable. This Seagate expansion card is sized more like an SD card than a traditional SSD. Unlike the PS5’s internal SSD, which requires the console to be taken apart to install, using a Seagate expansion card is child’s play. Simply insert it into the “Storage Expansion” port provided for this purpose. As soon as the card is inserted, it integrates perfectly with the Xbox Velocity architecture and can be used immediately in your Xbox.

There are different sizes of memory for Seagate // Seagate.

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