Isaac Asimov: “The real danger is that robots won’t replace us”

In November 1951, “l’Observateur”, the ancestor of “l’Obs”, devoted two pages to science fiction, and Louis Capache (pseudonym of Michel Pilotin, science fiction writer and publisher) observed: drunkenness, which cannot but stimulate. Le Nouvel Observateur devoted many years to science fiction, especially books, but sometimes other things, especially cinema.

That’s why this summer we’re bringing you the (re)discovery of several “Nouvel Obs” archives dedicated to authors, works, or more broadly the state of science fiction. For this last episode – the “dad” of the genre, the author of the saga “Robots” and “Foundation”.

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Isaac Asimov (1920-1992) is not a techno-blissful, in this interview, featured in the 1985 special issue of 2000, he makes no secret of the fears one might have about the future. Two quotations testify to this:

“If society does not take responsibility for the victims of robotization, then soon society may not exist at all …”

“Are robots destined to replace us? I don’t know and I’m not sure I want this. But when I’m in a really cynical mood, I say the real danger is that it doesn’t happen. If we are not replaced, we will destroy everything, and the great tragedy of evolution will fall on the curtain. »


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