Isera. 14kg of herbal marijuana under the seats of his van

This 37-year-old father was intercepted on the night of July 16-17 on the Reventen-Vogris toll road on the A7 motorway. Around 1:30 am, customs officers checked the Opel Vivaro van. The driver explains that he has just returned from a few days of vacation in Spain. But the customs dog will sense the presence of drugs in the cabin. Agents then discovered two caches under the van’s seats. Inside are 26 bags containing a total of 14,360 kg of herbal cannabis.

At the end of the customs detention, the 30-year-old man will be handed over to the CRS police of the Rhone-Alpes-Auvergne motorway. And while in police custody, he admits that in a Strasbourg bar he was approached by Albanian acquaintances and a certain Buba, who would ask him to return to Spain. From 2000 euros, payment on return.

Therefore, on the way back, this entrepreneur in the field of isolation was arrested. “By accepting this transport, he, in his own way, took part in the drug trade, in the underground economy,” emphasizes the Vienna prosecutor this Wednesday, July 20, at the hearing with an immediate appearance. She asks for 18 months in prison. “He broke the rules for the first time, this is a lot for the first time: many hours in the police, a referral, an immediate appearance, an arrest warrant is required … they must pay for the leaders of the network,” Maitre Camille Billon pleads with the defense. His client, Florint Kadriya, will have to serve one year in prison and pay a customs fine of 25,000 euros, equivalent to the value of illegal goods.

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