Islamic State is part of the NFT

les NFTs, non-fungible tokens in French, can be a real gold mine. The Islamic State seems to have figured this out, according to the Wall Street Journal, broadcast by BFMTV, and is now investing in the market. With these digital property certificates associated with protected works, the terrorist organization also hopes to communicate its messages and find new employees, all without being tracked by the authorities.

Last month, a digital map praising Islamist militants for attacking Taliban positions in Afghanistan was seen on two NFT platforms. Dubbed “IS-NEWS #01”, it is now considered by former high-ranking US intelligence officials to be the first NFT created by a terrorist sympathizer.

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According to a former federal intelligence analyst interviewed by a US newspaper, the other two NFTs were created on the same day by the same user. They have all the characteristics of the Islamic State, but are not yet for sale for an unknown reason. “IS-NEWS #01” is still not traded, but its presence on the blockchain makes it impossible to remove it from the Internet. The former analyst assures that “there is really no way to bring down this NFT.”

The US authorities are concerned about the development of a terrorist organization in the field of blockchain and NFT. They still have the ability to attack the Islamic State’s financial networks, but with this new technology, it’s much more difficult. Their fears are also based on the imprint the group may leave on the network, which could help renew their ranks.

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