IT influencer barometer: 3 accounts to follow on the IoT

Do you know the Shadow IoT? No ? Well, you’d better get started. Because the proliferation of consumer devices that connect to corporate networks increases the security threat
employers. According to the latest Infoblox figures, almost half of the organizations (46%) discovered
such “ghost” connected devices on their network during
Last year

This Shadow IT is only one of the pendants of the appearance of connected objects and the Internet of Things in the professional sphere. “The IoT is structurally changing the business models of companies. The
 customer expectations are changing, with strong demand for
customization and automation. All sectors are concerned
and first of all the automobile (connected cars), agriculture
(smart farming), retail and the transport industry “says Christophe Boitiaux, Marketing Director at T-Systems and member of CMIT.

“The IoT
 is one of the main strategic levers that can be activated by
DSI. Connector of all the links in the value chain of
the company, it generates significant productivity gains. The
 predictive maintenance is, in my opinion, a good example. It allows
effect of analyzing failures in real time while industrializing
corrective actions. Ultimately, the IoT makes the IT department one of the guarantors
of the company’s profitability and customer satisfaction “complete Contribution from David Benguigui, Marketing Director at Prodware France and member of CMIT.

Hence the crucial role of the CIO in stimulating and supervising the adoption of
these technologies. Not to mention its role as a watchdog over future technologies that could shake up the sector, such as the rise of 5G and the development of Edge computing.

To do this, we have selected three profiles that count on social networks in terms of IoT. They will allow you to keep abreast of developments in the sector and strong trends.

1. Nacira Salvan, CISO

2. Zeina Zakhour, CTO @Atos

3. Jean Michel Rodriguez, Technical Director at IBM

The IT Influencer Barometer methodology

From where
 the idea of ​​giving pride of place to those who use social networks
to educate and evangelize on cyber security issues. In
 using Brandwatch Audiences
 , a database of more than 300 million users
Twitter and which identifies influencers, networks
influence and trends, we have identified the 3 IT managers
 the most influential on Twitter and whose account is
recorded in France, on subjects having appeal to the Internet of Things.

Accounts registered in France including the
word CTO (or DT for Technical Director), DSI (System Director
Information), CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), CIO (Chief
Information Officer), RSSI (Systems Security Manager
) or their variations have been classified by score

The influence score established by Brandwatch takes into account
counts the number of followers, the presence in Twitter lists, the
number of retweets and responses from the account audience. More the
people with whom an account interacts are influential, better
is the influence score. Refreshed at least once a week, the
influence score is calculated using all the data present
on Twitter since April 2015.

Find next month the
IT influencer barometer, in partnership with Brandwatch and the
 CMIT. Different techno and business themes (Blockchain, AI,
mobility, Big Data) will be offered over the months for better
know the IT experts present online, and improve your monitoring

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