It is a “scandal that vaccine doses are not being used”: there are 2,141 vaccination sites available in Charente.

According to the various platforms that volunteers are bringing online to facilitate making appointments, such as CovidListe and ViteMaDose, thousands of slots are not finding their customers.

  • This Wednesday morning, 2,141 vaccination sites are available for Charente at 8 vaccination points, ViteMaDose points out.

As Le Parisien reported on Tuesday, the increase in the number of available appointments will put the government in doubt about an early increase in vaccinations among those over 50. “It’s time to be more flexible and pragmatic in managing this vaccination.” and from “expose the question of age”– Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo asked again on Wednesday in response to Minister of Health Olivier Veran, who confirmed his desire to vaccinate “According to the priority of the age group.”

  • “Since the end of January, I have asked that we can open up vaccinations to teachers of all professions who are on the front lines.”– reminded the mayor of Paris on France Info. “And in a broader sense, I think the question of age should be rampant because it is still a scandal that doses are not used when there are many people wanting to be vaccinated.”

The Minister of Health recalled on Tuesday that he wants to get vaccinated. “According to the priority of the age group.” “If we set the goal of 80% of the age group that needs to be vaccinated for protection, there will still be 4.3 million French people who are eligible for vaccination, but have not yet been vaccinated.”, stressed the latter.

“It is normal that more and more cells are now available because we have more and more doses,” explains the Minister of Health in Paris. “The centers open meetings all the time. The main question is about the length of time during which these meetings should be made. They should not remain available for long, because that would mean that there will be more supply than demand. And that there will be no more correspond to the number of doses and available to the public. This is an issue that we follow very closely. If there is too much reserve and we see that the situation is not one-time, we will propose the President of the Republic to expand, ” he said to the Parisian.

Meanwhile, the ministry is asking the regions not to expand vaccinations without executive approval, as they did in Nice or Cannes, except for the risk of losing doses. But for Anna Hidalgo, a potential presidential candidate, “you should really open up” vaccination, “possibly” in the priority of the profession “second line”: teachers, employees of the state and municipal police, employees of supermarkets, “cleaning products”, Without forgetting “Assessors and office presidents” in connection with the regional elections on June 20 and 27.

At the end of March, the elected socialist already asked “That we are exposing vaccination so that everyone and everyone can do it.” The Paris vaccinodrome, called for by the mayor, is due to open on May 3 at the Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, she said on Tuesday during a visit to the area with LR Mayor Philippe Goujon.

“It is not the mayors who decide who gets vaccinated.“- said Anne Hidalgo, answering a question about the initiatives of the mayor of LR Cannes, David Lisnard and the 7th arrondissement of Paris, Rachid Dati, to expand the vaccinated population. “On the other hand, we must listen to us not as demands that cannot be met, but as a slightly more pragmatic form than the form of bureaucracy that still exists, especially in the health sector.”she objected.

>> One dose of Covid vaccine reduces family transmission by up to 50%.

According to a study by the English Public Health Agency (PHE), a single dose of Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine can reduce the transmission of coronavirus by almost half within a single household where the risk of infection is high. People who are infected with the virus three weeks after receiving a dose of the vaccine are 38-49% less likely to transmit the virus to their family members than those who have not been vaccinated, in a statement from the Department of Health England.

This level of protection, observed around the fourteenth day after vaccination, is the same regardless of the age of the person or family members vaccinated.… “This is fantastic news. We already knew that vaccines save lives, and this most comprehensive real-world study also shows that they reduce transmission of this deadly virus. ”This was stated by UK Health Minister Matt Hancock. The study involved 57,000 people from 24,000 households in which vaccinated individuals tested positive and compared them to nearly a million contacts of unvaccinated people.

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