It uses Commodore 64 to mine Bitcoin.

The road to the famous cryptocurrency is long, especially if you use a 1982 computer to do it … which is exactly what a YouTube user called 8-Bit Show And Tell wanted to try, who used his Commodore 64 to mine bitcoins. Chi va piano va sano!

Frederick Hechter,
Friday, 30 April 2021

IN Commodore 64 the legendary home computer, one of the symbols of the world of retro video games, which was launched insummer 1982 and thanks to which we were able to enjoy authentic legends of video games, such as “The Last Ninja” or “Maniac’s Mansion”.

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This iconic object was available in a variety of models with varying powers and features. IN 2018 we were even able to attend his comeback from TheC64 Mini, a miniature Commodore full of video game nuggets. Some even still use it in the professional field because of its durability and reliability. We remember on this occasion that the Polish car garage has always used 64 kilobytes of the car’s RAM to carry out its operations …

And again this old Commodore thing is again in high-tech, computer press and thanks to 8-bit show and story, a YouTube channel specializing in retro and modding who decided hack it Commodore 64 original for mining bitcoins as if it were in a crypto casino

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This equipment has MOS Technology 6510 processor @ 1023 MHz, 64 KB RAM and 20 KB ROM, a beast of a race for that time, whose characteristics today seem very modest.

The result of the experiment is that the Commodore 64 receives indicator of 0, 3 hashes per second, this is the value used to determine the “pulling power” of the device. But if you connect SuperCPU, processor upgrade for Commodore, productivity will increase by 20 points. In accordance with modder can even be optimized the code to increase productivity …

So yes, here we are far from what cryptocurrency “miners” are looking for, as it will probably take billions of years to get one bitcoin. But as you are a little curious, there is nothing stopping you from going to GitHub YTM / Elysium to get the open source C64 Bitcoin Miner software and see what it is …

For your information, a few weeks ago we saw the news that another modder successfully used his Game Boy to complete cryptocurrency mining tasks with the result 0.8 h / s, better than Commodore 64 in its original configuration.

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