It’s a Cyber ​​Monday phone deal I’d jump at

If you’re looking for a great Cyber ​​Monday phone deal, look no further than the Google Pixel 6a, which you can get at a very attractive $150 discount. (will open in a new tab). This brings the price of this already affordable $449 phone down to $299.

The discounted price of the Pixel 6a was prompted by Google’s own Black Friday sale, which saw price cuts on other Pixel phones, Nest hardware, and Chromecasts. But retailers like Amazon (will open in a new tab) and Best Buy (will open in a new tab) quickly followed suit, lowering the price of the Pixel 6a to $299 at their respective stores.

There is some urgency to get a deal on the Pixel 6a. The Google sale will run until November 28th, at which time I expect the Pixel 6a price to return to its usual $449 level. And my guess is that retailers will probably drop their discounts around the same time as well.

I’ve been tracking phone deals since the lead up to Black Friday and the onslaught of Cyber ​​Monday deals. That’s why the Pixel 6a stands out as the phone to buy this season.

Why you should buy the Pixel 6a this Cyber ​​Monday

For starters, the Pixel 6a is the best cheap phone you can buy and one of the best phones overall. Thanks to the Tensor chip that powers the Pixel 6a, you get the same experience as Pixel 6 owners. Alas, some of the Tensor G2 features in the new Pixel 7 won’t be available to you, but that’s a sacrifice you make with a cheaper phone.

Most importantly, you get great camera features – the Pixel 6a benefits from the computational photography features that Google includes on all of its phones. In our Pixel 7 vs. Compared to the Pixel 6a’s camera, we found the more expensive flagship phone to be better, but the Pixel 6a’s performance isn’t all that far off the mark. It can more than resist much more expensive camera phones.

Google Pixel 6a review

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So the Pixel 6a is the best mid-range phone, as our Pixel 6a review concludes. But this $150 rebate is also attractive due to the lack of conditions attached to the deal.

As I wrote in an article on how to find a great deal on smartphones, you want to have as few conditions attached to your purchase as possible. This means a deal that does not require an exchange, which may affect the amount of rebate you receive on your new device. You also want a deal that doesn’t tie you to a specific wireless carrier, leaving you free to take your new phone to the wireless provider of your choice.

The Pixel 6a proposal meets both criteria. The phone is unlocked so you are not required to register with any particular carrier. And you don’t have to do anything to qualify for that $150 rebate other than hand over your billing information.

There’s one final consideration that makes this a great deal for the Pixel 6a. The successor phone, the Pixel 7a, will most likely not arrive until the middle of next year. Until then, you have the best budget phone in Google’s lineup, already running Android 13 and waiting for a couple more years of Android updates.

Results of Google Pixel 6a

Apple fans may want to look elsewhere for their next phone, but if you’re a fan of Android phones on a budget, the Pixel 6a is the best device you can buy. And if you act fast, it can be yours for less than $300.

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