It’s Christmas already on 10 video games to put under the tree

Want to please a geek for the holidays? As Christmas approaches, Provence offers ten video games to put under the tree.

The mastodons of the end of the year

Cyberpunk 2077
Expected for eight years (yes yes), it is THE big release of the end of 2020. Cyberpunk 2077 is a role-playing game designed by the CD Projekt Red studio, in particular at the origin of The Witcher. Plunging the player into a futuristic universe, the title addresses the question of transhumanism and the ability to go beyond the limits of our body. Be careful, sex and drugs have pride of place in this quest and the game was therefore rated PEGI 18. Not to be offered to his 10-year-old nephew!

Available on Playstation, Xbox, PC and Stadia

Fifa 21
A gift that will take on its full meaning if it accompanies a PS5 or an Xbox Series X under the tree. Because if the PS4 and Xbox One versions were not the most convincing, the update (free from these platforms so be careful not to make unnecessary purchases) next gen is worth the detour. In addition to the big graphic update, the gaming experience is evolving on PS5 with the use of adaptive triggers. And for those who prefer PES, know that Konami has just launched PES 2021 Lite, the free but limited version of its game. A good way to test before buying knowing that the license will not release next gen games before the year next.

Available on Playstation, Xbox, PC and Switch

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War
Let’s be honest, its gameplay did not delight us. But we must recognize that this new installment of Call of Duty has strengths. First, a zombie mode that seduces a large part of the community and promises a few hours of fun with friends. Then, with the imminent arrival of its weapons in the battle royale Warzone, owning the Cold War game will allow you to “raise” your classes more quickly. And therefore to be better … or less zero. Here again, it is PEGI 18 and therefore not to be confided to his little 8-year-old cousin.

Available on Playstation, Xbox and PC

Of combat and action

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
Take sword, bow, ax, shield and anything else a viking can use! Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a clever mix between the origins of the license and a role-playing game. Particularly worked, this opus oscillates between infiltration and big baston nag (we are Vikings anyway!). So obviously, it’s also PEGI 18.

Available on Playstation, Xbox, PC and Stadia

Mortal Kombat XI Ultimate
Promised, then we stop with violence. But this new Mortal Kombat is worth seeing. Already because it allows to see Rambo and Terminator backing up their bun (to be polite). Secondly, because it will satisfy Versus-Fighting fans. With a fairly rich gameplay without being elitist and a story mode, this opus has something to seduce. It’s a fight, so it’s PEGI 18.

Available on Playstation, Xbox, PC, Switch and Stadia

Cute and mushroom

Animal Crossing: New horizons
You probably didn’t know it but it was the best-selling game in the first week of December, ahead of every AAA released after it. We must believe that the cute has good. For young and old, Animal Crossing offers to develop its island by planting fruits and vegetables and fishing. A sort of Robinson Crusoe without the itchy beard and sweat.

Available on Switch

Mario Kart Live: Home circuit
What if you hit something other than your little toe on the coffee table? With Mario Kart Live, you can transform your place of life into a circuit thanks to augmented reality. Well, the downside is that if the kids are already having trouble tidying up their room, they might rush to the console once their race is created instead of tidying up all that mess. But the technology used by Nintendo is bluffing and breathes new life into the Mario Kart license.

Available on Switch

New out of old

Crash Bandicoot 4
An adult to revert to childhood? A young dad looking for a game to play with his kids? Or just a fan of platform games? Crash Bandicoot 4 will meet all of these criteria. The always pleasant cartoon aspect and its lifespan are serious assets to make it a staple at Christmas.

Available on Playstation and Xbox

The gift that swings

PGA Tour 2K21
A game of golf, really ..? Well yes, really! You don’t have to be a great connoisseur to appreciate the freshly mown grass of the PGA Tour 2K21 greens. As usual, the publisher has paid particular attention to the graphics and the gameplay is cleverly designed to highlight the precision and timing necessary to achieve a nice golf shot. Alone, with friends or with family, you will love to do a few holes from time to time or even a full course on weekends.

Available on Playstation, Xbox, PC, Switch and Stadia

The crazy (and irritating) game

Fall guys
It is one of the event games of this year. A kind of Ninja Warrior (or rather Takeshi’s Castle, for those who know) in which the player embodies a character that looks like a cross between a Tic-Tac and a minion of “Me, ugly and mean”. A kind of somewhat disjointed and totally ridiculous thing that will have to be handled to cross obstacle courses and pass tests in order to be the last one alive. All in a colorful universe that will appeal to the greatest number.

Available on Playstation and PC

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