‘It’s fake’, ‘I refuse to believe it’: the most anticipated video game leaked, Twitter doesn’t believe it and so far…

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GTA VI leaked video: tweeters scream fake

Rockstar Games has confirmed GTA 6 / GTA VI in early 2022. And this Sunday, September 18, 2022, images of the highly anticipated game have been leaked. Internet user teapotuberhacker posted a 3.50 GB file with over 90 videos (about 53 minutes of content) on the famous GTA Forums website. Once posted, the videos were shared on Twitter, TikTok, or even YouTube. Out of respect for the work of Rockstar Games, we will not link to videos in this article.

This is the biggest leak in the history of Rockstar Games. The publisher has been working on it for many years, and fans are looking forward to it. Please note that this leak took place the day after the ninth anniversary of GTA 5 / GTA V. Therefore, numerous reactions on networks, such as on Twitter, inevitably followed. Internet users are amazed and many do not believe that this is possible. Several twitterers think it’s fake, that these videos are fake and not related to GTA 6.

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The leak was confirmed, these are really images of GTA 6, but debug versions of 2019.

But it’s true, the leak was confirmed. When asked by a user if it was “true” or “totally fake”, Chris Klippel, Head of Video Games at Presse Citron, said…

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