It’s Quantic Dream’s turn to change ownership

For many video game companies, development often involves acquiring studios to expand their footprint. This is what NetEase Games decided to use as a strategy, getting their hands on the Quantic Dream.

Featured Image: Quantic Dream

For the Chinese company, this is a breakthrough in Europe and, above all, another step towards entering the AAA gaming market.

Recall that the French developer Quantic Dream is behind the Heavy Rain games, as well as Detroit: Become Human.

NetEase, which has been an investor in the studio for three years, did not disclose the price it paid for the acquisition.

However, Quantic Dream founder David Cage assured that his studio has been instructed to continue the ongoing work of developing games for all platforms.

Quantic is currently working on the Star Wars Eclipse project, as well as the Under the Waves adventure, where you can explore the seabed.

As far as NetEase Games is concerned, the developer definitely has wind in its sails, one that is involved in, among other things, the birth of the open-world game Where the Winds Meet.

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