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LONDON, June 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Ivno, in LondonCapital Markets tokenization firm and CloudMargin, creator of the world’s first and only cloud-based margin provisioning and management solution, today announced a new strategic partnership that leverages Ivno’s distributed ledger technology (DLT) and CloudMargin’s guarantee management capabilities. This one-of-a-kind partnership will enable market participants to benefit from lower transfer costs, settlement defaults and money stuck in transit while optimizing liquidity with a wide range of tokenization solutions. It will also significantly improve operational efficiency and cash flow efficiency.

The offering combines Ivno’s DLT tokenization and the award-winning cloud-based collateral management platform CloudMargin. Market participants will be able to tokenize cash, cash equivalents and high quality liquid assets (HQLA) for use as collateral. This approach will give customers the ability to instantly record and immediately settle transactions with tokenized assets while maintaining legal transparency of the underlying asset. In addition to streamlining operational processes and intraday cash flows, customers will benefit from real-time liquidity analysis and the ability to deposit and receive collateral beyond the usual banking thresholds.

Ivno is a blockchain tokenization software provider for financial market clients looking for innovative solutions to align the requirements of instant and secure value transfer. His proposal is especially applicable to tokenized assets and use cases for stablecoins to transfer value. CloudMargin’s advanced collateral and settlement workflow, combined with Ivno technology, will enable mutual customers to benefit from reliable, secure and business-defining solutions for liquidity management and payment simulation.

Aaron Grantham, CEO of Ivno, said: “Customers can now easily combine CloudMargin’s powerful operational data with Ivno’s instant value transfer software for instant tokenization and settlement. Partnering with CloudMargin will enable our mutual clients to take advantage of a world-class team and technology by delivering an innovative solution that delivers tangible value to their business. “

Simon Millington, Global Head of Business Development at CloudMargin, said: “CloudMargin has always strived to be at the forefront of modern technology initiatives in the area of ​​guarantee management. We believe that Ivno tokenization technology is a practical application of blockchain technology to solve settlement problems in collateral management; it offers a compelling use case that gives businesses a centralized and secure ledger in which all parties – counterparties and their respective custodians – have access to the same information for instant settlement, thereby speeding up the settlement process. it is an unparalleled service for the industry.

CloudMargin and Ivno have successfully completed initial testing of the initiative and validated workflows for secure settlement between the two technology providers. Partners are now looking for companies that are looking to take advantage of the shrinkage of their billing cycles to be part of a larger proof of concept.

About Ivno
Ivno, co-founder Chris Rainer-Kuysen as well as Dan Halstead, includes seasoned financial services professionals and dynamic technology experts. Their experience spans fund management, operations, risk management and technology, including DLT change programs. The development team has over 40 years of successful experience in the development and implementation of corporate software projects. Ivno software is a tokenization engine for deployment in a Corda environment with the ability to interoperate with other blockchain architectures such as Ethereum. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in St. London…

About CloudMargin
Based LondonCloudMargin has created the first cloud-based warranty management tool, which has won over 20 industry awards and accolades since 2015 for its innovation and cutting edge technology. Software as a Service (SaaS) helps leading buy-side financial institutions around the world, including banks, brokerage and asset management firms, pension funds and insurance companies, to meet urgent regulatory deadlines and significantly reduce cost escalation times. related to warranty claims. CloudMargin provides its reliable and secure platform directly, as well as through contractors and leading service providers in the industry. Partner and market owner, CloudMargin’s strategic investors include Deutsche Bank, Citi, Deutsche Börse, IHS Markit and Jefferies, as well as the venture capital firm Illuminate Financial. CloudMargin became the first collateral management solution provider to join the SWIFT network through more than 20 integration partnerships, simplifying the settlement process. For more information visit

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