Iwato: Nearly 5kg of heroin found in Kenyan’s suitcase –

Last Sunday, about 5 kg of heroin was seized from the luggage of a 29-year-old Kenyan citizen at Iwato International Airport. Arriving on an Ethiopian Airlines flight, the smuggler was apprehended and will be prosecuted for drug trafficking.

After going through the scanner and searching the luggage, customs officers in Iwato noticed the presence of a suspicious package hidden under carbon paper. Later, after checking, it turned out that the package contained heroin – a potent drug weighing 4950 kg. According to the General Customs Department, the seized drugs will be destroyed and burned in the coming days.

This new discovery increasingly confirms the alarming development of drug trafficking in the country. In 2021, according to a report by the non-governmental organization Global Initiative, which oversaw the investigation of this phenomenon, Madagascar became a major drug trafficking center in the Indian Ocean region. Hard drugs, such as heroin or cocaine, are smuggled across the country and then packaged and distributed either by plane or, increasingly, by Go Fast boats. According to the NGO report, Madagascar will also be exporting more and more heroin as well as cannabis. Heroin is produced in Afghanistan and transits through East Africa before reaching Madagascar.

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