IXL Learning acquires Emmersion, developer of AI-based language tests

The acquisition of the state-of-the-art Emmersion testing platform expands IXL Learning’s language learning, reading and writing offerings.

San Mateo, California. And LEHI, UTAHAnd September 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Learn XL, a developer of personalized learning products used by millions of people around the world, today announced the acquisition of tranceLa. UtahGroundbreaking certification of language ability through artificial intelligence. Emmersion has run millions of automated assessments for companies and educational institutions including the World Bank, Randstad and Columbia UniversityAnd brown university and University of Pennsylvaniaproviding valuable information about language proficiency assessments.

The acquisition of Emmersion expands IXL Learning’s line of language and literacy products to include world renowned products. rosetta stoneAnd English Language Arts IXLE, and, and SpanishAnd, and, and Valencia. Founders Emmersion, Brigham Tomko friendship. Jacob BordisYou stay with the company.

Accurately develop language skills with artificial intelligence

Adaptive Emmersion assesses and certifies speaking, writing and reading skills, reducing the time an organization spends on hiring and improving customer satisfaction.

It is based on artificial intelligence. Speaking and Writing Assessment Conduct solid 15-minute language presentations before hiring so companies can hire the perfect candidates for the right jobs. The oral exam is the world’s first fully automated oral assessment and covers nine languages ​​including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese and Tagalog.

Oral and written assessments are assessed using Emmersion’s own 100-point scale, TrueNorth, which gives organizations an unparalleled view of candidates’ language skills. In addition, each exam uses artificial intelligence to deliver accurate and unbiased scores that comply with global language standards such as CEFR, ACTFL, and TOEFL.

Guide students to learn with confidence

Educational institutions use WebCAPEmmersion, an adaptive entrance test, to measure students’ reading, grammar, and listening skills. The multiple choice test takes only 15-30 minutes and measures students’ abilities in seven languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Russian.

“Adaptive Immersion Technology Exams and Automated Testing Like No Other”, He said Pavel MyshkinCEO of IXL Learning. “The Emmersion team will be a valuable addition to our family and we plan to invest more in the business as we expand with additional languages ​​and capabilities. »

“Emmersion has strived to bridge the global communication gap with exceptional services that evaluate employees, validate academic excellence and certify language skills. Joining IXL Learning is a great opportunity to further our mission and improve our products. » He said Brigham TomkoCEO of Emmersion. “Our companies share the same ambitious vision of helping people develop and evaluate their language skills, and we look forward to bringing our expertise to this new venture. »

About the dive

Founded in 2015, Emmersion is a fast growing technology company based in Leahy, Utah. In an effort to bridge the global communication divide, the company is focused on helping organizations be smarter in their global language strategy. He has developed a fully automated AI-based language assessment that provides accurate and instant reports in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Tagalog. With over 700 customers worldwide, Emmersion’s cloud-based AI technology automates assessment processes and delivers the most accurate results. Learn more at

About XL training

IXL Learning has revolutionized educational technology since its inception in 1998. Today, the company leads the world of education through innovation and offers a variety of products and services that help students develop their skills in math, literacy, languages ​​and more. 8 brands IXL Learning – IXL, rosetta stoneCuriosity Media, Emmersion, Wyzant,, ABCya and offer an engaging and personalized learning experience for all learners. Our teams create innovative solutions to the most pressing educational challenges and inspire students to learn throughout their lives.

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