Jabra unveils PanaCast 50 and PanaCast 20, two new video conferencing solutions

The Danish company Jabra, specialist in audio equipment, announces on April 27 the release of two new videoconferencing devices. These are the Panacast 50 videoconferencing bar and the Panacast 20 personal camera. The two cameras come from its PanaCast range, launched in June 2019 following the takeover of the American Altia Systems.

AN intelligent videoconferencing BAR

The PanaCast 50 is in the form of a sound bar with eight omnidirectional microphones but also three cameras which allow it to have a horizontal field of vision of 180 °. It is designed for a medium sized room accommodating 8 to 14 people. The algorithms developed by Jabra allow the bar to eliminate unwanted noise and better detect the voice of the person (s) speaking.

Thanks to the “Virtual Director” virtual control room, the video framing is automatically adjusted according to the number of people present and their position in the meeting room. It switches from one speaker to another depending on the active participants. Smart zoom allows the image to be perfectly framed on the person speaking

It is also possible to follow two video streams from the same room at the same time, without installing two cameras. In particular, this allows one of the two cameras to be directed at a whiteboard while the other frames the face of the main user. The PanaCast 50 works with major video conferencing platforms, including Zoom and Teams.


In addition to audio and video streams, the PanaCast 50 uploads anonymized metadata in real time to the customer’s preferred platform. However, no data is stored in the cloud or on unauthorized servers.

This data combines information such as the number of people in the room, the number of rooms used and the efficiency of their use. The camera will be able to tell a newcomer that the room is already full thanks to a sound signal. In the long term, Jabra hopes that data analysis can help companies optimize the use of their meeting spaces.

PANACAST 20, a flexible video system

The PanaCast 20 has been designed for individual use, and in particular for employees working from home. It benefits from the same technologies as the PanaCast 50: intelligent framing, automatic zoom, sound optimization with ambient noise reduction, etc. Here again, everything is managed locally on the camera, without uploading data to the cloud. It is also not necessary to install dedicated software to use the camera, which plugs in via a conventional USB port.

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