Jam City Studio lays off 200 employees

Jam City, which is responsible for games like Jurassic World Alive, Cookie Jam and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, laid off 17% of its employees last Thursday. Its Ludia subsidiary was also affected.

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Jam City Studios, which includes 9 studios in Canada and the US, acquired Ludia in 2021, a studio located in Montreal. Together they employed about 1,400 workers. Last week, about 200 people lost their jobs.

Video game news site Polygon contacted ten former Ludia employees, as well as three still working. Many laid-off employees say they were on vacation or vacation when they were fired. They would have learned the news from other colleagues, then noticing that they had lost access to accounts associated with the company.

The workers who kept their jobs were warned ahead of others during the meeting. Those who were fired at work were invited to individual meetings. We know that at least one employee lost access prior to receiving the news. Other bewildered employees began discussing the wave of layoffs on Slack.

Amazing situation

Most of the employees were surprised by this situation. They said they were promised in the past that Jam City’s acquisition of Ludia would not affect jobs, but would instead create more work for everyone. The employee even mentions that Ludia has treated him very well since he was hired, that the studio has always cared about the welfare of its employees. However, after the takeover, this attitude seems to want to change. Now it will be harder to make his voice heard.

A spokesperson for Jam City said the decision was made “in light of the challenging global economy.” Here is the full statement:

In light of the challenging global economy and its impact on the gaming industry, Jam City has made the difficult decision to reduce our team size by approximately 17%. We have made a number of strategic acquisitions over the past few years and this decision aims to eliminate the redundancy of jobs associated with these acquisitions. While Jam City remains profitable, we believe it is necessary in the current operating environment to improve our financial flexibility and operational efficiency, which will allow Jam City to better position itself for long-term growth. This also follows a broader restructuring we recently completed to reorganize our development teams within gender divisions, focusing on domain expertise to optimize performance. We thank those leaving us for their great contributions and are offering severance pay and benefits to ease the transition.

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