James Bond: next movie in development no sooner than ‘at least two years from now’? –

Daniel Craig Last October, after 15 years of faithful service, he got rid of the 007 apron with Dying Can Wait, and now it’s time for him find a successor. It’s good, symbolic franchise producer Barbara Broccoli just shared new information about this highly anticipated “James Bond 26”. We sum up.

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Production wants to slow down

Although there are a lot of rumors about it, the production does not seem to be in a hurry at the moment, as was recently confirmed. Barbara Broccoli.

Invited by the British Film Institute to reward her for her work on James Bond sagaa well-known producer said that the shooting of the next film will not begin not for two years.

She explains that 007’s new interpreter has not yet been chosen, but this is not a source of concern because they want to reinvent the character. “No one participates […] Thinking about where to go with James Bond, discussing. There is no script, and we can’t come up with one until we decide how we’re going to approach the next film, because it’s really about reinventing Bond. We are reinventing it, and that takes time. I would say that the shooting will take place in at least two years. »

Note that in a previous interview, the producer clarified that the next Bond could be “any color, but he’s a man”, thus closing the door on rumors about a female Bond, but leaving open the possibility of a black artist appearing as a performer. actor Idris Elba (“Suicide Squad”), one of the favorites of netizens for this role.

This James Bond 26 project is also being carried out in the context of the takeover of MGM, the owner of the saga, Amazon. A difficult and delicate operation that has not yet been approved by the US antitrust authority and which may put some projects on hold.

Either way, that means there won’t be a next episode. no earlier than 2025. Fans of the saga just need to be patient…

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