Japan Charts: The ranking of console sales November 16 to 22, 2020

Here is the ranking of console sales in Japan for the period from November 16 to 22, 2020, whose figures were provided by the magazine Famitsu.

1) Nintendo Switch – 179,143 Sales
2) Playstation 5 – 42,891 Sales
3) Xbox Series X – 3684 Sales
4) Playstation 4 – 2767 Sales
5) Nintendo 3DS – 588 Sales
6) Xbox One – 29 sales

And hop … everyone goes down, or almost! Indeed, the Nintendo Switch returns to the Playstation 5. It will not last long before the market leader takes his place.
One of the obvious reasons is the Sony console is out of stock. Nonetheless, Nintendo’s console scores are high. The holiday season will allow the Japanese manufacturer to shine like never before!
Note also that the Xbox Series X remains in 3rd position, but again … with a lower sales volume than last week. Sold out ? Possible at his level.

For the rest, the PS4 is declining in sales volume. She is starting to move closer to retirement. The 3DS score is moving up a bit, without upsetting the charts. Rest the Xbox One …. at the end of its life.


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