Japan to send spherical robot to the moon

The Japanese space agency has just announced that it will soon launch a new generation of robotic probe on the surface of the Moon.

Developed by several tech giants like Sony, Doshisha or TOMY, the robot will have the appearance of a sphere and will have the mission of evolving on the ground of the Moon to carry out several analyzes in order to prepare manned missions planned for 2029.

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The robot will be the size of a baseball and weigh only 250 grams. In addition, he will be able to change shape to move more easily and overcome certain obstacles. He should be able to collect data on regolith, lunar soil. It is the lander that will remain in orbit that will analyze the movement and behavior of the lunar soil when the robot moves.

The analyzes should make it possible to better prepare the arrival of a much larger rover, both manned and pressurized unlike the first vehicles sent by NASA during the Apollo missions.


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