Japan: when exams arrive, sex offenders return to the subway

Published: 23.01.2023 – 00:56

In Japan, law enforcement agencies are on high alert. Because the period of exams and entrance exams to universities and the most famous universities has just begun. Millions of young people, especially young girls, use public transport to take these tests. However, in crowded trains and subways, sexual maniacs are more vigilant than ever.

With our Tokyo correspondent Bruno Duval

“The hunt for young girls is open. This recent tweet comes from “chikan”, the Japanese term for sexual aggressors.

On social media and the dark web, these men have been organizing their predation routes over the past few days. To be on the trains or subways that young girls will ride for their exams.

Therefore, the “wandering hands” of these predators will be spoiled for choice… It frightens, frightens and outrages these high school girls.

I will go by train to my competitions. If a “chikan” attacks me on the train, I cannot report him to the police, I will be late for the examination point. So I’ll have to wait a year before submitting it. It would be a disaster.

It’s just unbearable. These unscrupulous perverts are ready to traumatize us for life, and to ruin our school career.

If this happened to me, I would be speechless and no reaction, so I would be petrified with horror and shame. So I downloaded an app that can alert the police in real time. When the day comes, all I have to do is press a button on my smartphone.

According to surveys conducted by victims’ associations, two-thirds of Japanese women have already been sexually assaulted on public transport. This also applies to three-quarters of young women between the ages of 20 and 20.

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