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Anglers interested in launching or upgrading their Tenkara fly rod and reel may be interested in the new kit launched via Kickstarter in the form of the Japanese Kita Tenkara fly rod. Tenkara is a simple method of fly fishing that uses a rod, line, tippet and fly without a fishing reel. Tenkara originated in Japan and offers a range of portable rods that can be as short as 20 inches. Watch the video below to learn more about Tenkara and the Kickstarter campaign for the new fly rod.

Tenkara fly rod

“Kita is our newest Tenkara rod made in Japan. Last year we released the Yari, our first Made in Japan rod. Everyone loved this rod, but the biggest feedback we got was that it was too expensive. And to be honest, the production of Jari was very expensive. But we really like the idea of ​​finding these little Japanese rod makers and making small batches of handmade Japanese style rods. Kita is our answer. This flat line Tenkara rod is designed for precise casting in shallow water and is very light. We decided to make two different sizes: 330cm and 380cm. “

If Kita’s crowdfunding campaign successfully raises the required target and production goes smoothly, worldwide shipments are expected to take place sometime in August 2022. To learn more about Kita Tenkara’s fly rod project, check out the promotional video below. Sponsor upfront contributions are now available for an innovation project from around £250 to £338 (depending on current exchange rates).

“Mountain. Kita is the second highest mountain in Japan. Often overlooked due to the taller and more dominant Mount Fuji. We name all of our rods after mountains or mountain ranges because mountains provide the streams and rivers that trout live in. Tenkara is a simplified method of fly fishing originating from Japan. With Tenkara you use a rod, line and fly. There is no real. This is a style of fixed line fishing where you rely solely on the length of the rod and line to get to the casting area. The video below contains more details.

“Kita is 100% designed and manufactured in Japan. Our manufacturing process ensures the rod is as light as possible while maintaining incredibly accurate casting. We really wanted to go to Japan to shoot this project, but the country was still not open. Therefore, we opted for the chain of islands of the Azores. With steep mountains and dozens of streams flowing into the ocean, these islands proved to be the perfect testing ground for Japanesemade rods. “

For a complete list of all available support options, elastic targets, additional carriers and full specifications for the Tenkara fly rod, visit the official Kita Crowdfunding Campaign page using the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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