Jason Kenney’s Comments on COVID-19 Worry Experts | Coronavirus

Also, according to the Prime Minister, in countries with a high level of vaccination, the number of hospitalizations and deaths increased 10 times. When the number of COVID-19 cases increases, as they will at one point or another in the future, they will not pose a serious threat to public health opportunities.

Worried Experts

Jason Kenny’s choice of words worries health experts as it incorrectly implies that COVID-19 is no longer a cause for concern.

Timothy Caulfield of the University of Alberta’s Canadian Department of Health Law and Policy is concerned about this invitation to a full return to normalcy. “The idea that the pandemic is over, that we no longer need to worry about it, is false,” he said.

Alberta has seen an increase in R-value and a positive test for COVID-19 in recent weeks. On Thursday, the province reported a rise in the number of active cases for the first time since May.

Dr. Gabriel Fabro, an internal medicine specialist at Peter Lugida Hospital in Calgary, says he and his colleagues fear an increase in COVID-19 cases now that the Calgary stampede, the first major event since the pandemic began, is over. …

In their opinion, the message from the Prime Minister could push people to refuse to take the necessary precautions.

Dr. Favreau cites countries such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Israel that have reopened their economies with messages similar to those of Jason Kenny and have subsequently experienced skyrocketing cases in younger populations. They had to re-impose restrictions – he recalls.

Situation in Alberta as of July 21

In Alberta, health officials have reported 106 new cases of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Currently, 676 cases are active, which is 27 more than on Wednesday.

Calgary is the worst-affected region with 378 active cases, followed by Edmonton with 128.

The government is announcing 76 new variant cases, so 393 active cases are currently associated with an option.

The average number of positive cases is 1.09% in the last 7 days.

In total, 93 people were hospitalized with COVID-19, including 26 in intensive care.

As of July 21, 5,128,351 doses of the vaccine have been administered. In addition, 75% of the eligible population received at least one dose, and 61.3% of Albertans over 12 years of age are fully immunized.

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