JAVA Video Game Developer M/F – Ankama Studio – AFJV Employ

Ankama is an independent company that creates, publishes and distributes entertainment across the world. From video games to board games, from manga to anime, she controls the production chain of her creations from A to Z.

Creator of a vast universe called Krosmoz, known for his massively multiplayer online role-playing games DOFUS and WAKFU and the animated series of the same name, and also produces full-length animated films such as DOFUS – Book I: Julith or Princess Dragon.
Among other things on his account: board games; mobile games; but also comics and manga.

Following the principles of transmedia, Ankama teams create universes that they develop across multiple stories across multiple media, thereby offering their communities of players, readers, viewers, an immersive and complete storytelling experience across all popular platforms.

With Ankama, every story is unique, yet all are connected.

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