JavaScript, Python and Java topped the list of preferred languages ​​for developers

Like it or not, JavaScript remains the most popular programming language today. The language is followed by its “competitors” Python and Java, as noted in the popularity ranking of languages ​​established by analyst developer RedMonk in the first quarter of 2021. The top 20 ranking achieved by RedMonk does not differ much from its ranking of July 2020. However, RedMonk analyst Stephen O’Grady notes that half of the top 20 “saw some movement, which is very unusual.”

Illustration with Python, the language that has experienced the fastest rise in recent years among developers. The language has not budged from its place of dolphin, however – a position it acquired from Oracle’s Java language last July after being tied with Java in Q1 2020. “Java has been extremely closely followed by Python. – and was actually closer to the top spot than PHP behind it – but Python’s ability to defend its new ranking is notable, ”says Stephen O’Grady.

However, the analyst believes that JavaScript, based on the rise in download requests on GitHub, makes it a “force of nature like no other in the industry”, despite the language’s detractors. RedMonk bases its language rankings on data from GitHub, including the number of pull requests in different languages ​​and discussions on the developer information sharing site Stack Overflow. RedMonk then combines them for a ranking “that attempts to reflect both the pull of the code (GitHub) and the discussion (Stack Overflow)”.

TypeScript continues its momentum

TypeScript, Microsoft’s superset of JavaScript with a type system that compiles to JavaScript, gained a spot to rank eighth. Redmonk analysts believe TypeScript has solidified its place in the top 10 most used programming languages ​​and predict it should quickly move up to fifth or sixth in this ranking.

The Rust language, created by Mozilla, has also progressed one place to reach the 19e place in the ranking of Redmonk. Last month, Mozilla handed Rust over to the brand new Rust Foundation, an independent organization backed by AWS, Huawei, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla. AWS is interested in Rust for infrastructure programming. As a reminder, Mozilla created it as a memory safe alternative to C and C ++.

Finally, Google’s Go programming language dropped one spot, to 16e place, while Kotlin, a language that Google supports for Android application development, gained one place, at the 18e square.

Source: .com

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